Training Illustrator CC / Advanced – 1 day

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Class overview :

In this advanced Adobe Illustrator training course, students will learn advanced features of Illustrator CS5 that will help them work more efficiently and effectively.

Class goals :

Learn to format type.
Learn to apply effects, appearance attributes, and graphic styles
Learn to work with symbols
Learn to combine Illustrator graphics with other CC tools
Learn to produce color separations for printing

Content of Training Illustrator CC / Advanced

Class Outline

  1. Formatting type
    1. Paragraph formatting
    2. Formatting imported type
    3. Paragraph and character styles
    4. Editing styles
    5. Advanced techniques with text
    6. Text on a path
    7. Warping text
    8. Text in a shape
    9. Creating outlines
    10. Check spelling
    11. Find and Replace
  2. Organizing your Illustrations with Layers
    1. Getting to know the Layers panel
    2. Using layers to organize your illustrations
    3. Using the Layers panel to make selections
    4. Creating new layers and moving items between layers
    5. Paste Remembers Layers
    6. Template Layers
  3. Working with Symbols
    1. Cleaning out the…

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