Training Adobe Flash: Developing Interactive Web Content – 4 days

Training-brussels - business training center in Brussels

Class overview :

Rich Internet Applications demand sophisticated content and delivery methods. Adobe Flash is a leading development tool that provides organizations with a fast, fluid environment for creating interactive applications that enhance the end user experience.

Class goals :

  • Build and deploy cross-platform Rich Internet Applications (RIA) and content with Adobe Flash
  • Create engaging animations to attract and retain users
  • Generate interactive dynamic content and special effects with ActionScript
  • Connect to relational databases and XML datasets to build real-time, data-driven applications
  • Encode and deliver streaming video to create innovative, mixed-media content
  • Integrate and distribute Flash content on multiple platforms, including DVD, Web and Mobile

Content of Adobe Flash: Developing Interactive Web Content

Fundamentals of Adobe Flash

  • Requirements of Rich Internet Applications
  • Navigating the Flash IDE
  • Exploring Flash capabilities

Building Flash Content

Analyzing the interface

  • Investigating toolbar functionality
  • Synchronizing content with the timeline
  • Adjusting interface parameters with the properties window

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